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Virunga National Park, the oldest national park a place to Visit in D.R Congo

Located along the borders of Rwanda and Uganda, Virunga National Park is know as a home of endangered mountain gorillas. Its is the only park to having three of the four great apes in one place. The Okapi, an endangered species that looks like a cross between a giraffe and a zebra, also make the park their home

It was designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the country’s oldest national park, it’s also the most biologically diverse.

You’ll find lava plains, savannas, forests, valleys, active volcanoes, swamps, hippos, lions, elephants, and a number of rare and exotic birds. The park has three distinct areas, all worth a visit:  The glacier peaks in the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Edward area, and the Mikeno volcano area.

Of recent mountain gorillas in Virunga have been the major attraction in this park given the fact that this is among the few parks in the area with these endangered gorillas. People prefer to track the gorillas here also because the cost is low and the park is also less congested compared to other tracking centers like PNV and Bwindi.

This park is still fresh for new discoveries since it has not had a lot of tourism activity for a long time since its inception and it would be a good idea for those who want research and adventures in the same line.

For some good time the area has been free for rebel activity and it is safe to travel, there is of course propaganda that the place is not safe but what of the influx of tourist coming in every day.