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Traditional Pottery

Traditional Pottery

Batwa community is uniquely known of their pottery. Traditional Pottery Tour will give you an opportunity to learn about and interact with these people. The exceptional trip starts with an introductory presentation that explains the historical and cultural background and gives you a hands on practice. Reaching the pottery area, you welcomed by vibrant Intore dance by both  the energetic women and men with a help of the Royal drums well as others be singing joyfully. The joy in singing is visible from the time of start.

After this session of welcoming, you are directed to the sitting facilities for the community presentation for the pottery skills. Pottery is part of their daily activities due to the exposure of the clay source. With this clay, they are able  to produce a range of products, including traditional stoves, flower vases and small decorative animals.The clay is got from the swampy areas.

Departure & Come Back Time

The departure area for Traditional Drumming and Dancing classes is Gitarama, Rwanda. Its your choice to decide whether we pick you from your  hotel or the airport for an additional fee by our African Safari Journeys Pick up. The departure time is really  flexible since w use our own Pickups. On returning we get back to the same area of departure.

Relevant Information

As you plan for this trip, their rules and regulations that an a person must follow;

  • Booking is for a minimum of 2people
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking


Traditional Pottery- Dancing Pots

The local pottery artists demonstrate of how its done with clay, water and burning it in the traditional Kiln. At the end of the stay, you also allowed to do the hands on practice using the same materials. As you making these pots you need to be careful because they are delicate and not apply much pressure with your fingers. This process requires you to be patient  since its a lengthy process. In this process, you able to interact and cross-cultural exchange.

To have a great experience, its better to have more than a one-day trip because it needs to few days dry for you to proceed. After its bake in the oven twice — once before you add the paint. Their is an opportunity to buy the pottery of your interest as a souvenir.


Engagement in ubusabane party, it includes the host and interested locals of neighboring communities. This party is known to be a get together party aimed at fostering unity. Ubusabane party brings residents, visitors together and they interact.
  • Extras at the accommodation i.e. drinks, telephone, laundry etc.
  • Tips to porters and driver/ guide
  • Insurance