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Traditional Drumming and Dancing Practices

Traditional Drumming and Dancing Practices

Unlike many other countries in Africa, Rwanda has been a unified state populated by the Banyarwanda people who share a single language and cultural heritage. The Traditional Drumming and Dancing Practices (Intore) are highly choreographed routine consisting of three components – the ballet, performed by women; the dance of heroes, performed by men, and the drums. Traditionally, music is transmitted orally with styles varying between the social groups. Drums are of great importance, the royal drummers having enjoyed high status within it.  After a little practice you’ll test out your moves in a performance led by your instructors. You’ll continue the day with a course in traditional drumming and a chance to improvise a few beats of your own. Finish your excursion with some souvenir shopping for traditional handicrafts. Your dancing and drumming course includes a guide and bottled water.

Departure & Come Back Time

The departure area for Traditional Drumming and Dancing classes is Gitarama, Rwanda. Its your choice to decide whether we pick you from your  hotel or the airport for an additional fee by our African Safari Journeys Pick up. The departure time is really  flexible since w use our own Pickups. On returning we get back to the same area of departure.

Relevant Information

As you plan for this trip, their rules and regulations that an a person must follow;

  • Booking is for a minimum of 2people
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking


Kinyaranda dance Practices

On top of learning you will have fun during these practices and share a bit of the history of Rwandan dance. Starting the Traditional Drumming and Dancing practices, welcoming songs and drumming will be done to make you feel welcome. Rwanda Traditional dance and drumming practices doesn’t require a professional in it, its all about giving it a try. Traditional drumming and dancing are mainly based on the steps taken during these activities. The dances are mainly imitating cows movements. The local drummers will teach you some of their beats and try out or even formulate your own beats. One or more experts in dancing will led you to show how the hands and feet are moved and then the whole body. For the first time, you will have breaks to rest and later resume. When this is done continuously, at the end of the day you became an expert in this Kinyaranda dance.


On our way we shall have stop overs at Azizi Life Experiences, RN1, Gitarama, Muhanga, Muhanga.
On  your arrival at the depature point, you introduced to the history of dancing in Rwanda and the reasons behind imitating cows’ movements. The Rwandan people will warmly welcome you with songs and drumming to make you feel at home.Arriving in the area where the practices are going to take place, you will  have a demonstration and coaching from experts dancers, learning about the practices guided by experts. Here you will be taught how to move your feet, arms, the whole body gently on the drum beats. You will have short breaks and ask as many questions you have.
  • Extras at the accommodation i.e. drinks, telephone, laundry etc.
  • Tips to porters and driver/ guide
  • Insurance