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Rwanda – the New Africa’s Luxury Destination

From its cleanest city, wildlife and culture, Rwanda is one of Africa’s smallest states but a few most endowed destinations with unique attractions. That said, one may wonder what makes it such a luxurious tourist hotspot. For starters, a trip to this landlocked country is never complete without mountain gorilla adventures! Mountain gorillas are undoubtedly star attractions this country that thousands of primate adventure seekers come to catch a glimpse at while on safari in Africa. Each year, thousands of trekkers land into Rwanda and head off to Volcanoes National Park mainly to view these massive and stunning creatures while in their natural habitat and it is one reason why this magnificent country has become not only a luxurious travel destination but also a few hot spots in Africa. To take part in gorilla trekking adventure in Rwanda, you need $1500 for you to secure a permit that allows you to track one habituated family in a group of 8 visitors. This figure rose from the usual $750 mainly targeting the high end visitors a reason this country features as luxury tourist destination today. To book for your permit in Rwanda, you need to do it early enough before the actual trek given the high demand and you can do so through a ground tour operator or through a reservationist at Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Today, mountain gorilla adventures in Rwanda have become major highlight in most travelers’ travel plans. A trek to see a group of these rare and dramatic creatures in the wild is remarkably a lifetime experience. The Rwanda Volcanoes National Park is one of the 4 parks where one can visit to track these fascinating primates. This park is situated suitably in northwestern Rwanda about 2 to 3 hours’ drive off Kigali city center.

Besides, one horrific event that never goes without being mentioned in Rwanda is the 1994 Rwanda genocide. For about 25 years, Rwanda famously known as the Switzerland of Africa and the Land of a Thousand hills has and still registering a tremendous positive change. This historic event claimed nearly a million lives and if you are interested in dark tourism then this is one of a few countries you that shouldn’t miss out on your travel plan. Many genocide sites have been set up in commemoration of those who became victims of this devastating event. They include the Kigali genocide site, murambi genocide site, Nyamata site, Nyanza genocide site, Nyarubuye, Ntarama genocide site, Bisesero genocide site and many others.

These sites attract relatives, survivors and tourists who come to explore more about what took place at a time in this remarkable country. Amazingly, given the progressive nature of Rwanda’s president at its helm and a warm hearted population keen to see to it that the nation grows, prosper and be recognized beyond its past, this country has remarkably claimed its spot on the competitive tourism ladder in Africa and it is continuously emerging as one of the hottest travel destinations in the sub-Saharan Africa.

Between 2010 and 2016 alone, its tourism revenue doubted from $200 million-$400 million. Over 1.1 million visitors are believed to have arrived in this country in 2018 with more than 1.7 million expected by 2028. Its continued fame can be attributed to government’s successful positioning the country as an ideal destination for conference and events in Africa which today attracts thousands of visitors every year. In addition, RwandAir also continues expanding its market base and this includes flights to over 6 African destinations plus Brussels, Mumbai, London among others.

Today, this landlocked doesn’t only boast of its natural wonders but also ever cropping up luxurious hotel and accommodation facilities. Within 10 years, Rwanda registered increase in its hotel room from 600-10500 and it is not just any hotel opening its door within its breathtaking rolling hills. In Kigali capital city alone, you find variety of classic hotels with accommodation at its best they include among others;

The Kigali Marriott Hotel-a 5 star luxurious hotel facility with about 254 rooms comprising of 30000 square feet of events space plus spa and heated indoor pool. It is located suitably within Kigali city center and features as one of over 2000 hotel facilities run by Marriott hotels worldwide. This positions Rwanda not just as a luxury destination but also as an ideal area for one to invest in. This hotel facility comes with luxury amenities and visitors get the best service while also have a chance to enjoy total comfort in one of its stylish rooms or suite.

Radisson Blu Hotel and Kigali convention center-a five star hotel facility set within Kigali convention and city center about 5 kilometers away. Remarkably, in 2017, it featured as the leading conference hotel in Africa in the world travel awards. This luxury hotel facility comprises of 292 rooms and currently one of the leading modern hotels in the continent. Its exterior is incredibly designed with metal ribbons and comes in egg shape making it a few unique facilities. On the other hand, the Kigali convention center is an exceptional area for meetings, conferences, incentives as well as events accommodating about 5000 delegates. While at this hotel, you choose to spend a night in any of its 292 rooms and suites with classic amenities such as free high speed, wireless internet and sumptuous furnishings a mention but a few.

Kigali Serena hotel-this is also popular as Kigali Intercontinental Hotel which features among a few oldest hotel facilities in Kigali city center. It featured as the leading hotel in Rwanda around 2013, 2014 and 2015. It boasts of its luxurious rooms and suites that make a total of about 148 rooms that come with good air conditioners, satellite television, Wi-Fi and others. Besides, there is milima restaurant, sokoni café and bar, maisha health club, swimming pool, gardens as well as pool deck.

Heaven Boutique Hotel-comprising of about 22 rooms with mosquito net covered beds, this hotel is located around the residential street steps from down in Kigali city. It is known to offer international cuisines together with local Rwandan and African flavors.

As you head off to the parks for a safari depending on your travel needs, you can choose to spend a night at luxurious Bisate Lodge that is run by Wilderness safaris. This up-market safari lodge is a newly established lodge and it is set suitably within Volcanoes National Park making it one of a few exceptional places for you to spend a night while on gorilla safari in Rwanda. If it is primates that you wish to explore in Nyungwe forest national park then don’t miss to spend a night at One and Only Nyungwe House.

Others include Magashi tented camp at Akagera National Park. To Sujata Raman-the managing director for Australia and Asia Pacific at luxury small group tour operator Abercrombie and Kent, named Rwanda as one of her top 5 hot destinations to visit in 2019. Rwanda is very stunning with lush and undulating landscape, rainforests and remarkably diverse wildlife. In East Africa, Rwanda featured as one of the newest luxurious destinations and last year, it was ranked as the 9th safest county worldwide by the World Economic Forum and the safest state in Africa. A side from this, Rwanda has also registered progress in education, universal health care and many more. A move to set such accommodation facilities is mainly to meet the country’s tourism sector’s strategy of offering world’s class service that suit within its luxury status.

For visitor safari experiences, Rwanda boasts of its 4 national parks each of which rewards travel endeavors with unique experiences. They include Volcanoes National Park which is popular for gorilla trekking, Nyungwe forest national park, Akagera national park and Gishwati Mukura national park as well as other incredible natural wonders like the stunning Virunga Volcanoes, 23 Lakes and several snaking rivers.

Akagera national park boasts of its rare landscape and as the only savanna grassland park in Rwanda comprising of green grasslands, tree trimmed lakes, dramatic mountains, swamps as well as the big 5 game-elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, buffaloes and not to forget zebras, giraffes, antelope families a mention but a few. Besides, you can also pay a visit to Rusumo waterfalls which is Rwanda’s largest falls that straddles just at the border between Rwanda and Tanzania.

In conclusion, given continued boom in the tourism sector and targeted class of visitors, it is of no doubt that today features among a few luxurious travel destinations. This is backed by a number of factors of which its luxurious hotel and other accommodation facilities have equally contributed.