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Discovery Of Golden Monkeys In Rwanda

Discovery Of Golden Monkeys In Rwanda



The most rare species that are endangered at the moment and  are currently found in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda are Golden monkeys. They are easily recognized due to the yellow patches that can be seen all over their bodies.

These Golden monkeys have unique characters that are bound to them and can only be seen when one visits the  Rwanda in Virunga Mountains. Most of the monkeys have their nostrils pointing to the sides but if you look closely at the golden monkeys, their nostrils face upwards.

On the other hand, Golden monkeys are also known as the Old world monkey and the only way to separate these primates from others is by their noses.And in order to get to know more about these primates, we are going to discuss the golden monkeys in form of questions so that we get a better understanding about these animals.

Did you know that golden monkeys communicate with each other?

Golden monkeys wave their hands to others in order to tell others what they need and most of them communicate with a purpose.Like any other animal species found on Earth, monkeys also communicate and scientists have come to reveal how the golden monkeys communicate with one another. They normally communicate through gestures using hands, vocalization and facial expressions.

How did golden monkeys come to be known ?

They came to be known as golden monkeys due to their color. They have contrast colors that are they have black legs, the cheeks are golden yellow and this can also be seen on the torso and the back and it also has patches of the gold around the eyes and this greatly contrasts with the black legs.

How golden monkeys live?

They are known to be very social animals living in groups which are dominated by one male. They live in groups of 30 to 80 and they always have one male monkey showing dominance over the rest in the group. They normally sleep on top of the different bamboo trees in the self made trees in the forests and they go to sleep they always crowd themselves into groups of four for easy protection especially for the young ones.

The Golden monkeys are very active during the day and they can be seen jumping from one tree to the next all day long. The male monkeys travel from group to group and can mate from all the groups whereas the females tend to guard only one territory. The life span of these golden monkeys is twenty years.