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6 days Gorilla trekking and wildlife

6 Days Gorilla Trekking and wildlife

Rwanda Gorilla tours

This 6 days gorilla trekking and wildlife mainly  puts emphasis on touring Volcanoes National Park and Akagera National Park. Volcanoes National Park is well known as a tropical rainforest and Akagera national park as a Savannah park in Rwanda. The volcanoes Park is a habitant for mainly mountain gorillas and this savannah park as a habitant for a number of big mammals such as Lions, Buffaloes, Giraffes, Zebras and Hippos which will provide for great photographic and video moments. The 6 days gorilla trekking and wildlife tour starts from Kigali city.

Detailed Itinerary.

Day 1: Arrival at the Airport for 6 days gorilla trekking and wildlife tour.

On day one of your safari, one of the African safari journeys representative will be ready to pick you following the details provided to us on booking. You be picked from airport and be transported to your chosen hotel or lodge. Anytime, we be ready to pick whether late in the night or very early in the morning. Rest from the tiresome journey as you get ready for the marvelous adventure.

Day 2: Kigali City Tour.

Kigali city may seem to be small with limitted places for visit but its not the case. The tour starts from Kigali Genocide Memorial, craft centers, Kandt National Museum etc. From all these, you  chose your first priorities since in the afternoon we head to Akagera National Park after having lunch in one of the fancy restaurants or hotel. In Kigali Memorial site, you learn and understand why the memorial site is given such a name, the weapons that were used in murdering, some of the victims or the innocent souls tha were killed. The craft shops that are within Kigali city displays alot at an affordable price and you may end up with a souvenir from Rwanda.

Immediately head to Akagera National Park in eastern Rwanda which is a 2 hours drive and continue to the lodge for check-in. The beautiful creatures, landscape and smiling people along the way attract many travelers  for photo moments.

Day 3; Touring wildlife in Akagera national park

We wakeup as early in the morning as possible to get ready(take breakfast) to explore Savannah park in search of the big mammals like Elephants, Giraffes, Buffaloes, several Antelope species and recently the re-introduced Lions. In the afternoon we drive to the North for game driving because at this time animals gather at water pools. Almost the whole day is spend here because many animals are in this region.  A pair of binoculars is required to watch the far animals.

Akagera national park doesn’t only have the big animals but also the beautiful scenery and landscape. Bird lovers have almost 500 bird species and more which also includes the migrants. Another option is to explore the park on foot by an armed ranger, in otherwards you take nature walks. Unfortuanately, the majority of the visitors disagree with this due to the scorching sunshine.  Visitors have a chance for a boat safari on Lake Ihema to watch water birds, Hippos and crocodiles baith in the water or by the shores.

Day 4; Movement to Volcanoes national park

It takes around 2 hours from Kigali in Musanze, Northern Rwanda. Its through Kigali city to reach Musanze, expect the use of red dusty road in some villages. The massive gentle giants inhabit in Volcanoes national park. The perfect conditions of this rainforest attracts the mountain gorillas these include the variety of food and places for resting among the huge trees. Enjoy the endless rolling green hills with ridges that are near and far from the road. By the time you reach Musaze district you would have understood why its called ‘the land of a thousand hills’. Its possible to ask the tour guide for picture moments at different viewpoints. Later in the evening get to the lodge to rest for the gorilla hike on Day 5.

Day 5; Gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda

On this next day after a long restful night, the schedule is to trek and meet the mountain gorillas in the lush dense jungles of the Virunga ranges. The driver guide transfers you to the briefing place after the heavy breakfast. During this session, the ranger guides you on how to handle yourself  while in the park. All travelers are divided in small groups of about 8 members to ease the movement. At this moment enjoy the locally made Arabic coffee. After a briefing two guides are assigned to each group such that one leads. Its made sure that all visitors are between the two armed rangers. The park rangers are experienced and know where to allocate them in the bush. As you move, the rangers describes some of the characteristics of the gorillas like what they feed on and where they nest. You have to be fit to trek down the gorillas. When gorilla trekking ends within a short ealier then visit the Iby’iwacu cultural village for a taste of the Rwandan culture(songs and dances).

Day 6; End of 6 days gorilla trekking and wildlife tour.

By the end of the 5 days, we believe you be exhausted of exploring the wildlife and culture of Rwanda and you will have what to narrate for your fascinating safari in Rwanda. The pictures and videos you have taken will always put a smile on your face. This day marks the end of your safari. We start the journey to Kigali for your return flight to your home country. If your flight is later in the night,  you can decide to have an optional simple activity like visiting Dian Fossey’s tomb and learn more about her contribution to Rwanda as a country.

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