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11 days of safari trekking for gorillas

11 days of safari trekking for gorillas 


This massive safari tour takes you to the major biggest National Parks in Uganda. These include Lake Mburo National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Kibale forest National park, Murchison Falls National park. Visiting these parks exhaust majority of the activities such as birding, chimp tracking, gorilla trekking, and these activities can be carried out throughout the year accept the rainy seasons which makes it hard to maneuver. You have enough time to spend with the gorillas, watch them while feed, play, swig the young ones among tree branches and associate among themselves. You will search for gorillas maneuvering through the slippery grounds of the forest until you have eye contact with them. The safari will expose you to almost every corner of the tourist attraction in Uganda not excluding far or nearby places.

Day 1: Arrival in Uganda through Entebbe International Airport.
On day one, we consider it as the arrival day whether in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night. However, it’s advisable to board for a flight that will land in Uganda during day time since it might be a foreign country to you. Having searched the best hotel via google, our tour guide will transfer you to your best hotel which maybe  Hotel Africana Sheraton for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Drive to Murchison Falls National Park.
After early morning breakfast, pack your essentials and get ready to be transferred to Murchison falls national park. One of our team members will be at your hotel as early as possible ready to transport you to the final destination. Have a stopover at Ziwa rhino sanctuary for the rare rhino species. The second stopover on this day will be in Masindi for lunch before proceeding to Kabarenga’s falls in the Northwest of Uganda. In the evening, have a game drive for 30 minutes- 1 hour depending on the time of arrival. Spend a night at one of the great lodges which could be Paraa Safari Lodge or Red Chilli Camp.

Day 3; Game Drives from early morning & Boat Cruise along the Nile
Have a simple breakfast that will keep you moving from the start of game driving. The game drive starts from the Northern sector of the park mainly in search for the gigantic elephants, giraffes(with longest necks), waterbucks, hippos, buffalos, lions,  Uganda kobs, etc and a variety of bird species that at times settle on the backs of the huge animals. At around 1:00 pm return to the lodge for heavy lunch and at the same having a spectacular view of the natural creations of wildlife along the banks of the river. In the afternoon, the majority of the animals gather at the ponds or river banks among them include; crocodiles, hippos, buffaloes, elephants, waterbucks and antelope species. Also, the different bird species settle around these areas giving it the best view in the afternoons. Besides are the gently flowing waters from the waterfalls, portraying a natural beauty in Uganda. Due to the narrow gorge, water with a lot of force hits the walls of the rocks making it produce a thunderous roar. We understand by evening you might be tired but you don’t have to miss the boat cruising along the Nile(Longest river on the continent, Africa), this is so rewarding that spices up the safari and majority of the tourists yearn to have a glimpse on it. Advisable lodges for dinner and night are Paraa Safari Lodge and Red Chilli Camp.

Day 4; Transfer to Bwindi Forest National Park

Due to the long location of Bwindi National Park, It almost takes the whole day. Therefore, wakeup very early in the morning have breakfast and head towards the southWest of Uganda. Fortunately, during this journey, you have stopovers at some sections to have a spectacular view of the landscapes in which it includes hills and velleys. It’s advisable to carry As you approach the park, you come across the bakiga and the pygmies who are well known to be the ancient people of this forest. elax and have enough rest at the nearby lodge for the next day.

Day 5; Chimp Trekking in Bwindi Forest National Park.

Have a heavy breakfast in the morning at your favourite lodge, assemble at the headquarters for a briefing on the rules governing the park and way of contact. The time taken while treking for gorillas depend on the location of gorillas of the previous day, therefore this may take over 3-8 hours. Since your safety is our number one priority, we provide each group to trek chimpanzee two armed rangers one to lead the group and the other at the extreme. During dry seasons it’s very easy to manueveur through this lushly jungle than in rainy seasons where when the soils are very soft and the grounds are slippery.  This ithe main purpose of the supporting stick provided by the tour guide. At a far distance the jungle has entangled branches of trees however the more you approach it, there are small paths created by the ealier tourist group lead by the tour guide. The group of tourists are allowed to spend one hour with the tourist trying to learning more about the gorillas and also to evidence the human-like nature of the gorillas. later the guide will lead back to your lodge for rest or to rest for some time and embark on the community walk. This involves associating with the pygmies in their daily life activities.

Day 6 – Transfer to Queen ElizabethNational Park, foothills of the ‘Mountains of the Moon’
After the morning breakfast head to the foothills of Rwenzori mountain where queen Elizabeth National Park is located. A long the way is the incredible scenery of landscapes (Albertine Escarpment of the Great Rift Valley among others) besides the route and you may decide to stop for a photograph or even a short video shoot. By the time you reach in the park, it will be in the afternoon have lunch at moon hotel and be transferred for game driving in the plains of Kasenyi. Some wild animals are located along Mweya Peninsula,With a suitable tour vehicle from African Safari Journeys, take a clear picture of the Savannah wildlife that may include herds of buffaloes, antelopes, elephants, lions and leopards.

Day 7 –  Queen Elizabeth National Park
Day 7 mainly forcuses on touring all the corners of Queen Elizabeth National Park immediately after a morning hot cup of coffee at your lodge. Game driving starts along Kasenyi track and Queen’s Mile which is endowered with lions, elephants, buffaloes, waterbucks, hippos, antelope species, warthogs, etc. Majority of the tourists in this region are also attracted by the many bird species in this region due to the attracted weather conditions of savannah grassland for the birds.

Kasenyi covers the North Eastern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. At times the locals names it Mweya – Kasenyi Sector however,  Ishasha Sector is a second alternative in the southwestern part of Queen Elizabeth National park. Kasenyi sector is strategically located in the savannah grassland which attracts cat family(lions and leopard) and Uganda Kobs.  Kasenyi sector is located after Mweya route on the main gate to Kabatoro gate. The sector is also endowered with crater such as Bunyampaka “salt lake” and flora. The salt crater is as a result of vulcanicity. Some crater lakes are dry forming a fine-looking land scarp and hosting a number of fauna and flora.

For the tourists that have been in this region reward this region as a birder’s heaven with birds such as White and Abdim’s Storks, Wooly-necked and the Saddle-billed Stork. The other category are the raptors  such as Brown Snake Eagle, Grey Kestrel and vultures of over six species that make use of the short grass namely; Egyptian, Rupell’s Griffon and the enormous Lappet-faced, Senegal, Crowned and African Wattled Plovers.

Later around 4:00 pm, head for a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel which connects the two lakes, Edward and George. Kazinga channel is the biggest world’s attraction of hippos and crocodiles. You will also realise that majority of the birds settle besides the channel such as Great White and Pink-backed Pelicans, African Open-billed Stork, Black Crake,  Great and Long-tailed Cormorants, Common Squacco Heron, White-faced Whistling and Knob-billed Ducks, African Fish Eagle, Spur-winged and African Wattled Plovers, Water Thick Knee, Swamp Flycatcher, African Jacana, Malachite, and Yellow-backed Weaver etc.  The tour guide will help you identify the Mweya Penisular that is highly covered with green dense vegetation. Welcome back from your long day tour, have dinner and an over night at Mweya Safari Lodge. 

Day 8 : Drive to Kibale Forest National Park from Queen Elizabeth NP.

In the morning at around 7:00 am check out from the lodge, we head to the mating ground of the Uganda Kob in the Kasenyi plains with the aim of  searching of the lions. Looking critically, you will realize the early morning raisers hunting for food as early as that especially the carnivores such as the Lions, warthogs, elephants, Kobs, water bucks,  buffaloes etc. After this adventurous experience, seat and relax for your next trip of about 2 hours to Kibale national park. The next stopover will be in Kasese then embark to our final destination.

Day 9: Chimp trekking in Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest National Park is sitted on a ground of about 795 km2. It’s among Uganda’s gorgeous tropical forest and shelters more than 12 primates. The day starts with breakfast then be transferred to Kanyanchu visitor center for a briefing and allocation of park guides per group. You are remainded to carry enough drinking water. As you move down the forest, the park rangers explains more of the necessary information about gorillas and the forest it’self. Each group to trek chimps is limitted to 8 people as the maximum. There is alot to expect in this jungle and not only the chimpanzees which may include; black & white colobus monkey, grey cheeked mangabey, red-tailed monkey etc

In most cases trekking ends in the afternoon,  head for lunch (local food) at the lodge accompanied with a refreshment. In the evening,  visit Bigodi swamp a demostration of conservation of the swamps and trees with flora and fauna.

Day 10 : Transfer and tour of Kyambura Gorge and chimp trekking.

Kyambura is a habitant for apes such as chimpanzees and locally called chambura. It is as deep as 100metres. The other expected primates to view along the Gorge are the red and white colombus mokeys, olive baoons while at the steep slopes are the flamingoes. To a smaller extent, its frightening but at the same time so exciting and rewarding. Therefore, after breakfast you will be transferred for chimp trekking in Kyambura Gorge. First and foremost you briefed by the guide on how to trek for chimps in this deep gorge and how to handle yourself for safety. The guide provides a supporting stick to ease movement along the steep slopes.  On this samr day in the evening, drive to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park through the Ishasha sector in the Southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park whiling viewing the unique climbing lions. Expect to have dinner and send an over in one of the best lodges around, Bwindi Gorilla Resort / Nkuringo Lodge /Buhoma Community (FB)

Day 11; Transfer back to Entebbe

This day marks the end of 11 days of safari trekking for gorillas, the best package for your holiday either for you as a sole traveler or with friends or relatives. Take breakfast before leaving the lodge and get ready to travel back to Entebbe or Kampala.

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